Case story: Nordlaks

Years of co-operation with Nordlaks now bear fruit. New contracts from Nordlaks and new customers have been signed.

AquaGreen and Salsnes Filter have in recent years worked on verifying operational reliability and integration of their sludge treatment solutions for the land-based fish farming Industry in Norway. The tight collaboration has been performed together with Nordlaks, who has been a pilot customer since 2016 and also supported by Akvaplan Niva on the R&D side. Here we have tested and adapted AquaGreen’s steam dryer combined with Salsnes Filters with regards to dewatering (picture). This long-term work now yields results, and there are recently contracted facilities for Nordlaks Mørsvikbotn, Nordlaks Innhavet and Astafjord Smolt.

We consider this as “Proof of concept”, says CEO of AquaGreen Norway, Robin Tømmerås, after working on this solution since 2016. Together we have come up with a drying solution that has a good effect on sludge from Norwegian hatcheries. The principle is based on a closed system for steam drying sludge, and at the end of the line, the sludge is packed with a solid content of 95% in 2000 L bulk big bags, ready for dispatch and use as a raw material in fertilizer, or biogas production.

It is Salsnes Filter that takes care of the dewatering. Here, belt filters and vacuum technology are combined, which increases dry matter in flushing sludge from drum filters from 0.1% to 25% TS. It all happens in one and the same compact solution, and that is probably why so many are going for our concept, says marketing manager Øyvind Prestvik, from Salsnes Filter. We have also developed a fully automatic washing system, which ensures that the dewatering equipment and the filter cloth are kept clean over a long period of time – and this precisely ensures uniform and high performance, while the need for daily maintenance is greatly reduced. The cleaning effects achieved are in line with current requirements for the SS, and we have a solution to increase the cleaning effect using. polymer if the customer needs it.

A new larger delivery will take place in the spring of 2019 at Nordlaks Innhavet at their RAS plant, where four of the largest Salsnes dewatering solutions will be integrated with AquaGreen steam dryers.