New agreement with Forsyningen Frederikshavn

We are proud to announce a new agreement with Forsyningen Frederikshavn

Last week we kicked off a pre-project together with Forsyningen Frederikshavn, to map the current processes and existing infrastructure to ensure that the location and capacity of a future sewage sludge plant will be optimal. After the finalization of the ongoing pre-investigation, and the board’s final approval of the conclusions, Forsyningen Frederikshavn will be the fourth municipal wastewater treatment company in Denmark to implement AquaGreen’s combined steam drying and pyrolysis plant.

It will enable Forsyningen Frederikshavn to re-move environmental pollutants like microplastics and medical residues, protect their groundwater, turn their sewage sludge into renewable energy, re-cycle phosphorus, and store carbon.

We are thrilled to have Forsyningen Frederikshavn on board and as a team contributes to both the protection of our groundwater and to reach the Danish vision of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 70%.